As the son of a Namibian immigrant raised in Augsburg, Germany, Mike Mühlenbein developed an early passion for culture bridging music making, with his first Casio keyboard received at the age of eight. Within a few years, he started to play the guitar, having an appetite to learn new instruments. Formal lessons helped solidify his foundational talent which gave way to a strong desire of creating and sharing his own style of music. As a teenager, he found opportunities to hone his mixing skills at youth centres and continued to use his instruments to develop his own expression. With his first synthesizer in hand, the ubiquitous microKORG, his passion for experimentation grew and he garnered success at under his initial alias of Booombeatz. This talented DJ has spun at famous clubs, such as the Soundfactory, and continues to release new and different varieties of music under several egos – KIONE, Millsleg, as well as Booombeatz – each conceived to contain his many different and diverse styles. Still based in Augsburg, he continues to work with other musicians, beat makers and DJs on new and exciting music projects for the future.